Collaborative Care

A team of researchers at Seattle Children’s Hospital, Harborview Medical Center, and the University of Washington want to find ways to improve care for youth with continued symptoms after a concussion. This research study is for youth and parents.

Research is always voluntary!

This study is for individuals who:

•    Are between 11-18 years old
•    Had a sports-related concussion and still don’t feel better

Those who participate in the study are asked to complete the following:

•    Complete 4 study assessments over 12 months
•    Be randomly assigned to continue with your current treatment (usual care) or to receive a study treatment (usual care + "collaborative care")

Gift cards will be provided to participants after each of the four assessment sessions:
Child: $40, $20, $20, $40 |  Parent: $20, $20, $20, $20

Possible benefits if your child takes part in the study may include your child receiving additional care to help reduce post-concussive symptoms.

For more information, please
contact Lauren Fay at 206-884-1534 or

The principal researcher for this study is Frederick P. Rivara, MD MPH at Seattle Children’s